CrossFit Capitol Hill Coach Info
Patrick J
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Owner/Head Coach....
   (now if I can only find time to put my bio up!)
Chris K
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Chris Knight stepped into his first Crossfit gym over a year ago and has not looked back since. After being beaten by his first 'Fran' experience, it was progress that motivated him and what kept him coming back for more. His main focus is on form,technique, and improvement of range of motion with olympic lifting, power lifting & mobility as his favorite areas of coaching. Chris is driven by the desire to help others reach their goals and educate clients to use essentials of fitness in everyday life. His certifications include: NASM Certified Personal trainer, and holds a Level 1 Crossfit Certificate. He also is currently attending school to pursue a career in Physical Therapy and is looking to further his Crossfit education through specialty courses such as: Strongman, Olympic lifting, and Crossfit Endurance. He also offers one on one training for individuals who starting up on fitness or need help on particular movements. please feel free to approach him with any questions and he will do his best to help you with anything!

             NASM CPT
             Level 1 Crossfit  
             Senior Sports Performance Coach USAW
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Derrick Fields credits CrossFit for getting him into the best shape of his life.  He has been crossfitting for almost two years and continues to be challenged by the daily WODs.  Having played sports his entire life, CrossFit changed the way he views health and fitness; CrossFit makes him better mentally and physically. Derrick really enjoys coaching and inspiring others to achieve their fitness goals.  He truly believes that personal growth starts with a fit and healthy body.  He currently holds CrossFit Level 1 and Olympic Weightlifting certifications.  We are excited to have Derrick on board and he is just as eager to coach and inspire our athletes here at CFCH.
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Dorothy Morgan had her first CrossFit
experience in 2010. Instantly 'hooked,' she
continues her training both as an athlete and
as a coach holding a Level 1 CrossFit
Certification and a specialty certification in
CrossFit Kettlebell. She loves to inspire
people of all ages and abilities to get stronger,
be healthier and lead the life they have always
dreamed of. As a strong proponet of proper
positioning, good form and full range-o fmotion,
she will teach you how to move better
both in and out of the gym. She also offers
nutritional consultations and workshops so you
can learn to plan and prepare healthy foods no
matter how crazy your schedule is.
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Hunter has been doing CrossFit just over two years now.  He grew up in northern Virginia and went to McLean High School where he played football and participated in track and field.  Hunter has always enjoyed being active and spending time in the weight room.  He is a NPTI certified personal trainer and CF-LV1. Since becoming a fitness trainer he has found a passion for helping people live, move, eat and exercise more efficiently.
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Kurt Hoenig started CrossFit in 2010 and was immediately hooked. Sporadically performing the WODs on his own through 4 years in the Marine Corps, Kurt rededicated himself to CrossFit by obtaining his CrossFit Level 1 while still stationed in California. Passionate about teaching, health, and fitness, Kurt is starting what he hopes to be a long coaching career at CrossFit Capitol Hill.
Michelle L
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Michelle Lorden is a coach and personal trainer with a passion for
helping people advance their quality of life through fitness. She sees
fitness as a vehicle for personal growth in all aspects of life. Michelle
found CrossFit in the summer of 2009, when a friend convinced her to try
a class. As a CrossFit coach and personal trainer, Michelle is known for
her talent in relating the finer points of technique and biomechanics to
the big picture of strength and conditioning. Her certifications include
Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Aerobics & Fitness Association of America
Personal Trainer and specialty certifications in CrossFit Kettle Bell,
CrossFit Mobility, CrossFIt Kids & Crossfit Endurance. Michelle is
experienced in training people of all ages in both one-on-one and group